Accessories Galore

Who doesn’t like to wear nice things, especially when it comes to designer items, or something that looks beautiful, but maybe it’s not quite in your price range. Everyone enjoys these nicer items, but there is always that great price to pay (no pun intended) :P. You could go to Tradsey or The Real Real, which have incredible items that you can pay for by month, but the trick here is that it may not look good on your credit, especially someone of my age who is in that time in life where she needs to be able to have good credit for renting apartments and buying a new car. Below I have REVEALED a couple solutions to your designer-glam accessory needs!!!

IMG_9513First we have this ear cuff by Maccimize. All her accessories are super trendy and remain in the $20-$35 range. She has a lot more items than you might see on the site, she is always rotating her items and changing up her site.


In these photos I want to emphasize the watch and sunglasses. The watch is Michael Kors and the sunglasses are Tom Ford. This watch is usually $450, I got it from TJ Maxx for $250. Of course TJ Maxx can be hit or miss, but I’d like to point out the fact that on the Micheal Kors website, this watch is reduced to $315!

As for the Tom Ford sunglasses, they are usually priced at $390, so $400 for these babies. I did have a personal discount at the time, and Tom Ford does not carry the same exact pair, but they do have something very similar to them now of which you can see here. Now I got mine from Solstice and they have discounts all the time like these Jimmy Choos here at $250.

Now it is still an investment, but it is close to impossible to find a true designer pair of sunglasses that are not in the 100’s, so 200’s is considered low, many pairs I’ve seen to even be in the 700’s or 1000’s.

A lot of times it takes time to search online or wait to see if your local TJ Maxx has brought in any of your wish list items, but trust me, it’s worth it!! Quality over quantity I always say.


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